art by Scott ‘Tofu’ St. John

Imagining Val Travel


Imagining Val Travel

Opening Reception - Photo Credit, David Wilson

The Impatient Passengers

You know you're on vacation when the sky is this blue

Lost Luggage


Huell Howser, Map Portrait

Frequent Flyer

A site-specific installation where I created a “history” for Glama-Rama Salon & Gallery. 

I began by inventing a fictitious history for the space.  In my story, during renovation, boxes of discarded travel ephemera were found in the basement from Val Travel, a forgotten travel agency.   I even created a fake historical photo. The installation of travel-themed artwork was designed to infuse the space with the soul of an imaginary, long lost travel agency.  The work paid homage to all travel agencies because they have all but vanished from our urban landscapes.

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