art by Scott ‘Tofu’ St. John


2013 - 2015


Ice  Plants, California Coast


Victorian Collagescape

Pacific Ocean (detail)

Forest Scene

Opening Reception - Photo Credit, Lars Jonnson

I enjoy painting landscapes.  For collagescapes I re-approached familiar subjects like Point Reyes and the California desert.  I created new paintings on paper for the purpose of cutting them up.  Those paintings had areas of color to represent the palette of a specific place.  The next step was to cut the paintings into hundreds of small pieces.  The final steps were to randomize the pieces and then reassemble them in various geometric patterns.  The works, that I call collagescapes, are both paintings and collages.

The collagescapes were part of exhibit I curated in 2014  called Collage Meets Landscape.

 I invited 12 other artists who also explore themes of landscape and collage in their work.

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