art by Scott ‘Tofu’ St. John

Mail Art

2017 - Present

Ukrainian Sunflowers

Year of the Rabbit

Hot Wheels painted tracks and postage stamps

Hand-carved rubber stamps celebrating blue jeans

Meximail — using souvenirs for mail art

Mexican-inspired ATCs made with play money and lotería cards

High and low tech, hand-carved, rubber stamped circuit boards

Shark Mail

Year of the Dog postcards

I have been an active creator of mail art for many year.   I exchange mail art with other artists all over world as well as sending pieces for numerous mail art exhibits every year.   

My mail art is often inspired by some of the latest postage stamps from the USPS.  

I collect various materials to use in mail art and one of my favorite resources are the 25 Pesos stores in Mexico.

My art blog includes more of the mail art I send and receive.

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