Postcard Project
a series of handmade postcard booklets
During the summer of 2009 I undertook a project to make a series of postcard booklets.
I have been collecting travel-related ephemera over the years. Eventually various things have worked their way into my collages. I especially like the souvenir postcard booklets that were popular in the first half of the 20th Century. I picked up a few more at a vintage paper fair I attended in the Spring. From there came the inspiration for the project.
The next step was to create two different prototype books. To experiment with various papers and other materials.

My landscape paintings have been a result of years of road trips around the Western United States. Using the same type of themes found in the traditional postcard booklets came naturally (i.e., Arizona, Joshua Tree, National Parks, etc.)
I have often made small (4x6) works, paintings and small collages. Often as studies for later works. Creating over 100 4x6 paintings for this series was the next step. Some of the paintings are small versions of previous works and many also may be studies for future paintings.
To date I have created eight, handmade, unique postcard booklets. While each is made up of 12 individual paintings, each booklet is meant to be treated as a single work of art.