Art Samplings - 1997 and 2013
Sampling Collages
mixed media, color reproductions, 8"x10" each, 1997
Back in the 1990's I went out nightclubbing all the time. The dance music was often made by sampling other music. In 1997 I created a series of collages that were essentially art samplings. I sampled art by cutting up art magazines into small pieces and reconfiguring the parts into new works of art. I then reprinted the images using a color copier. The results were a slick, smooth art re-mix (shown above).

In June 2013 it was time to revisit the idea. This time I created a print with samples of my own mixed media art (see below). 100 prints were sent out to different artists that I correspond with. They also create mail art. If they wish, they can incorporate my samples into their own work.
Tofu Samples
mixed media, color reproductions, 8.5"x11", 2013