Maps in the 2011 Project
The 2011 Project is a new, large-scale piece where I am creating a map of the entire year. The year will be mapped as I create a 4"x 4" piece of art for each day of 2011. When the work is completed, it will be installed in 2012.

The individual pieces in the project have incorporated a number of different mediums. The list includes items such as vintage postcards, photographs, stamps, sand paper, wax, candy wrappers, origami paper, dried sage, ground coffee, googly eyes, Joshua Tree leaves, puzzle pieces, dice and old MUNI Fast Passes. And about one third of the pieces have used old maps. Below are some of the pieces using maps. For more information, visit the 2011 Project site.

Selections from the 2011 Project"
mixed media on canvas, 4"x4" (each), 2011