Map Art from 2001-2016

Mail Art map-themed postcard sent to France in 2016
I have always used maps in my mixed media work. In 2001 I started using maps as the exclusive source material in my collage work. Within a short time, maps became the main medium in my mixed media work.

I began with a series of small collages reconfiguring pieces of various maps and creating "new" places. The next phase was "map quilts." I called them "quilts" because the patterns resemble patchwork and other quilt patterns. My great grandmother, Helen Nadratowski (1894-1992), was an expert quilter and one of the artists who has influenced my work. The map quilts have lead to a continuing experimentation with color and pattern. I also influenced am by patterns used in pottery, weaving, traditional tile work and basketry. In 2001 I created a large map of San Francisco where each city block was represented by an individual piece of map. In 2005 I began creating some pieces that were more three-dimensional and sculptural. Over time I have been working on increasingly larger works.

My art blog also has a more detailed discussion about my use of maps. In 2016 my map work was featured in the book Making Art From Maps.

Early Work and Reconfigured Maps - 2001-2002

Map Quilts - 2001-2013

Circles and Dots - 2003-2014

Map Mandalas - 2002-2008

Triangles, Herringbone and other Patterns - 2004-2006

Japanese Patterns - 2009-2010

3D Pieces - 2002-2010

Map Portraits and Images - 2002-2012

Maps and the 2011 Project

Hometowns - 2004 to 2014